Annoying Calls Bring Legislation
Apr 17, 2019
Hi Friends,



Do you get those annoying robo, spam and telemarketer calls like I do?


I get at least 4 unwanted calls daily.


When you add up the number coming in on an office phone, home phone, and cell phone, it can become very bothersome.



Many efforts have been made to give relief to folks like us who pay for phone services and who want some peace from answering a robot or hearing phishing scams.



We are told that many of the calls originate from outside the United States. Some of those appear to have the phone area code of a possible neighbor. That is particularly disturbing. 



Most of the oversight for communications of this type is Federal, since the calls cross state lines and go from country to country.


So here in Virginia, while we are not able to do all that we would like to prevent such calls, the 2019 Virginia General Assembly passed a bill to try to give one method of cracking down on the calls.
I voted for HB2600 and SB1041 Va. Telephone Privacy Protection Act; joint liability of seller & telephone solicitor for violation. It will take effect July 1st.
I want to share information about this bill from a newspaper article in the Richmond Times Dispatch:
To see it please click HERE.
I hope that you have enjoyed a sunny, peaceful day.
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