New Laws Effective July 1st
Jun 30, 2017
I want to make you aware of some of the new Virginia laws that will take effect July 1st. These laws passed the House and Senate and were signed by the Governor. A more extensive list can be found here: 
I hope that you have a happy and safe July 4th Holiday.
Right to re-sell electronic tickets
We passed legislation that allows individuals the right to re-sell their electronic ticket. The law prohibits any person that issues tickets for admission to a professional concert, professional sporting event, or professional theatrical production, open to the public for which tickets are ordinarily sold, from issuing the ticket solely through a delivery method that substantially prevents the ticket purchaser from lawfully reselling the ticket on the Internet ticketing platform of the ticket purchaser's choice.
Left-lane drivers
The General Assembly passed legislation that fines drivers $100 who fail to drive on the right side of the highway. Traveling in the left lane for distances that impede traffic is now an offense that could get the driver a ticket.
Under new legislation, public school principals will be required to notify the parents of any student involved in a bullying case within five days, including the status of the investigation.
The General Assembly passed a number of new laws to fight the opioid epidemic. Measures include establishing a needle exchange program and increased access to the overdose-reversal drug naloxone.
Legislation passed mandates that public colleges and universities must report to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia the value of investments every year. Legislation also requires that schools must also give notice of any proposals to increase tuition and fees.
Blaze Pink
A new law allows hunters to wear a choice of blaze pink or blaze orange hunting apparel when required, during firearms deer hunting season or the special season for hunting deer with a muzzle-loading rifle.