Danny's Desk: News from the Virginia General Assembly
Jan 19, 2016

New Responsibility at the Virginia General Assembly: 

Last Wednesday the gavel pounded and the 2016 General Assembly Session convened. This is a 60-day Session, which is known in Richmond as the “long session.” The Virginia legislature is a citizen group that usually completes the work of state government during January and February and then the members return to their homes to live and work in the communities they represent.

This year will hold different responsibilities for me at the legislature, as I was honored to be selected by Speaker of the House of Delegates, Bill Howell, as Chairman of the full House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee (ACNR). This appointment is important to our part of the state, since the largest industry in Pittsylvania County is agriculture and forestry. We want to see that grow, no pun intended!

I will be working closely with the Virginia Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, Todd Haymore, who hails from Pittsylvania County. We will look to find ways to export more farm and forest products from Virginia all over the world.

The ACNR committee has three subcommittees. Committees may create within themselves subcommittees, chaired by and comprised of members of the original committee. These subcommittees are created to address one or more specific bills or issues being taken up by the original committee, and report findings and recommendations to the original committee.

The Agriculture Subcommittee is chaired by Delegate Barry Knight of Chesapeake, who is a farmer. It deals with issues related to animals, farming and the agriculture and forestry industries.

The Chesapeake Subcommittee is chaired by Delegate Tony Wilt of Harrisonburg. This subcommittee hears legislation dealing with the Chesapeake Bay and coastal issues.

The Natural Resources Subcommittee is chaired by James Edmunds, our neighbor in Halifax who is a farmer. The Natural Resources Subcommittee addresses issues with the forests and rivers and wildlife.

As bills progress through the Legislature, you are able to find information about them and track them by going to the Virginia General Assembly Website. You can even request alerts. Go to: virginiageneralassembly.gov

 We are currently in our offices in Richmond.  My Legislative Aide, Mary Franklin, is staffing our office here, located in Room 702 of the General Assembly Building.  You can contact us by sending an e-mail to DelDMarshall@house.virginia.gov or by sending a letter to me at PO Box 406, Richmond, VA 23218-0406, or by calling 804-698-1014. And, visit www.dannymarshall.com to complete our 2016 Survey (on lower right Homepage).