Our Veterans
Nov 10, 2014

A word of appreciation is always meaningful.
Dear Friends,
     For many years our nation paused for a moment of silence at 11 a.m. on the 11th Day of November (11th month, 11th day, 11th hour). Whether at work, at school or other places, our citizens stopped their activities to remember and honor the Veterans who had protected our freedoms and defended our land.

      November 11th is the chosen day of remembrance because it is the day in 1918, when guns fell silent and the Armistice began which led to the end of World War I. In those early years, "Armistice Day" honored WW I Veterans.

      As time passed and the United States fought other wars, "Armistice Day" was renamed "Veterans Day." On June 1, 1954, November 11th became a day to honor all American Veterans.

      I would suggest two actions for our citizens to do tomorrow, Veterans Day 2014.

  1.    Hold your own "moment of silent remembrance" at 11 a.m. (or at sometime during the day). 

 Actively think about Veterans who have cared enough to risk their lives and those who gave their lives for us. Think about their families and the sacrifice. Be thankful for what they have done for us.

  2.   Then personally "thank" at least three veterans. While that might not sound like very much to do, words of appreciation are always important and something we can all do, no matter our location, our income, or any other factors.

      Do more if you can - a little gift, a slice of cake, a warm scarf, a trip to a restaurant -- but at least take the time to remember and to express it! If you can't get this done on 11-11, anytime this week is still timely!

     And, very special THANKS TO ALL THE VETERANS who are reading this!

     We are sincerely grateful for you!