July 4th Heroes
Jul 03, 2013
For many folks, the 4th of July brings vacation, travel, cook-outs, visits with friends and family, ice cream cones in the hands of smiling children, patriotic music and fireworks. For others it is a quieter day, maybe a day of rest or recovery.

Whatever the day holds, we should pause and think of those who have secured, and still daily secure, our country as a peaceful land with countless freedoms.

Our VETERANS are the heroes of the day for this Land of Liberty!  

A framework for our free society was begun back in 1776, but freedom has survived because it has been defended and protected over and over again by those who offered themselves for service for the benefit of others.

 Veterans, we can't thank you and your families enough for your courage and sacrifices.

We can wave the red, white and blue because of you.
Sincerest thanks and Happy 4th of July!

  I voted for the bills below and thought that you might be interested in them.

                                        Some Bills Passed during the 2013 Virginia General Assembly to Help

Veterans and their Families 


HB 1461 & SB 1242 Tuition, in-state; veterans residing within State shall be eligible for in-state tuition charges. Clarifies eligibility for in-state tuition of current and former military personnel and their dependents. The bill also grants eligibility for in-state tuition charges to veterans residing within the Commonwealth.


S.B. 857 Higher ed. institutions; expands eligibility for in-state tuition to certain dependents of military. Expands eligibility for in-state tuition to certain dependents of active duty military personnel, or activated or temporarily mobilized reservists or guard members, who are either (i) assigned unaccompanied orders and immediately prior to receiving such unaccompanied orders were assigned to a permanent duty station or workplace geographically located in Virginia, or in a state contiguous to Virginia or the District of Columbia, and resided in Virginia or (ii) assigned unaccompanied orders with Virginia listed as the designated place move.


HB 1906 & SB 829 Department of Veterans Services; programs to reduce unemployment among veterans. Provides for the Department of Veterans Services to develop a comprehensive program to reduce unemployment among veterans by assisting businesses to attract, hire, train, and retain veterans.


HB 2231 Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Fund; amount of financial assistance. Specifies that qualified survivors and dependents are eligible for financial assistance from the Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Fund in an amount up to $2,000 or as provided in the appropriation act for board and room charges, books and supplies, and other expenses at any public institution of higher education or other public accredited postsecondary institution granting a degree, diploma, or certificate in the Commonwealth. The bill is contingent upon funding in the general appropriation act adopted by the 2013 Session of the General Assembly, which becomes law.


HB 1638 & SB 1056 Department of Military Affairs; providing of flag to next of kin. Adds the Virginia State Defense Force to the list of organizations that receive state appropriations for presentation of a flag of the Commonwealth to the next of kin of a person who, upon his death, was serving in, or honorably served for a period of 20 years in and retired from, the Virginia State Defense Force.


H.J.R. 551

Constitutional amendment (*first resolution); real property tax exemption for spouses of soldiers killed in action. Provides that the General Assembly may provide a real property tax exemption for the primary residence of surviving spouses of members of the military who are killed in action. Such tax exemption may not be claimed by a surviving spouse who has remarried. (*Note that this Virginia Constitutional Amendment must be passed again during the 2014 Session before it can appear on the ballot for Virginia voters.)